Monday, 11 February 2013

A New Face!

Hurrah, first new face of 2013!

Phew, it's tough work being a teacher but finally I've devoted enough time around the edges to finish of a sloth who's been in the works for some time... Meet "Insert Name here!"

Sorry, I haven't named him: to be honest I'm not sure if I'm accessorising him or anything right now but I can confirm he has all his limbs and his quartz heart so he's almost ready to go: just got to finish those last details. I'm thinking he may need an almond-y name for some reason? He's a little sloth at just 9" sitting but totally cute: I have reverted back to the old style claws with him for a bit of variety so they;re a little weaker but with a much more natural appearance: I've lightened his stuffing to minimise the risk of any claw based damage. His eyes are hand painted to match his sweet shaded face and his lovely tipped Schulte mohair fur.

Anyway, as soon as he's finished I'll be putting him us on eBay, but if you'd like to stake a claim on this sweet little boy sloth please get in touch! As always, my e-mail is je-suis-lugly (just take out the anti-spammage space!).

Thanks a lot!

Chloe and the Lugly's xxx


  1. He is beautiful. I love the sweetness of your sloths.

  2. Aww thanks Joanne :) I'm tempted to try out your rooted hair technique around the edges of their faces to soften them... don't know if I can bear it though! Seems like a lot of work!