Sunday, 20 November 2011


Medals by Je Suis Lugly!
Medals, a photo by Je Suis Lugly! on Flickr.

After the big British Bear Artist Award news (*cough*1st and 2nd*cough*!) I've been trying to work out a way to get time to work on my creatures, on top of all the Uni work I have to do for teaching.

I've finally found a way of making the medals I want... I had sent some off to a company who were going to cast for me, but they won't reply to me and have kept what I sent to them... so upsetting. The medals I make on my own will naturally be more rustic, but I quite like the cracks and wear on them: makes me think the could actually have been made by the animals themselves somehow?

Anyhoo, I've found a kind of clay that you can use to make metals! This is copper clay: eventually I will make silver versions too... I'll be firing these with a bunsen burner in the practise labs tomorrow :P

In other news, I'm coming to the end of my first teaching placement. For those who don't know, my output of lovely creatures has somewhat slowed because I'm training to teach secondary school science. It's bloomin' hard work! Shown to the left is a selection of work from my Year Sevens: they had to design an organism that lives in a particular habitat. The pic's a bit small, but you can see I have a plant that runs away from its predators, a fire penguin who lives in a volcano and uses his firey head to blast through rock, and a critter that lives inside other animals and eats them from the inside out.

Teaching is AWESOME.

Chloe and the Luglys xxx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

British Bear Artist Awards - The Results!

Amazing news everyone!

I entered the British Bear Artist Awards this year with a bear and a hare: no sloths as I'm accustomed to as I've never had much luck with them... I've been really, REALLY hoping for some good news, and now I can reveal...

Bombadier, entered in the Medium sized category, Modern style, has won first place!

The judges said the following about The Bomb:
  • "Great comical appearance"
  • "Made me giggle when I saw the original photographs"
  • "Bursting with personality"
  • "Right up to date"
  • "It's tough for everyone out there and this bear truly stands out because of the way he makes me feel".

On top of that (as if I need any more happy!) Jack the Hare came second :D My sloths weren't even nominated, so for me this is a BIG deal. The highest I've placed before is Third, so I am dead chuffed!

I am trying to decide if I should sell or keep my lovely winners now.. I'm training to be a teacher right now, and so I have hardly any time to do anything other than lesson plan and write daft essays. My lessons today went brilliantly too, so as far as I'm concerned, this Thursday has been AMAZING. Anyhoo, I've been staring at the same half finished bear head on my desk for well over a month now, so I will be unlikely to finish him in time for Christmas... but usually I keep my winners. What do you guys think?

Woo hoo!

Chloe and the Lugly's xx