Thursday, 3 January 2013

Guess Who I Found?!

Well, you know it's a bad sign when you forget about a sloth you've made!

Rooting around in my Mums' cupboard at home looking for Bert we found Scraps: a contemporary of Berts from the olden days. It's pretty clear: she also needs a home! I really don't want to have to make her over, so once again I will offer her at a reduced price.

Scraps is a small sloth, about 11" sitting (I've added a photo with Leo who's a standard size, so you can see the difference). She has a darker hand needlefelted face to compliment her tipped fur made from two different length tipped Schulte mohairs, and expressive dark brown glass eyes. Her eyes are lidded in ultrasuede and her face has been sculpted and tinted to give her a mischevious smile. I think she has a sweet tortoise-y smiley face!

Scraps has strong epoxy claws and a bendable armature inside all four nut and bolt jointed limbs. As with all lugly's, she has a rose quartz heart secure inside her chest: she clearly needs someone better than me who will actually return her love!

She was originally for sale at around £170 ($275) but (due to my negligence) I would love to find her a home as she is at £130 ($210).  There's loads of photos of her on Flickr here and at my website. If you think Scraps could fit into your family, please contact me at, or via Facebook.

Hope you had a great New Years Day!

Chloe and the Lugly's xxxx