Sunday, 30 December 2012

Please Save Bert!

Hope you've had a fab Christmas, everyone! I've just had a trip to Liverpool for the first time and spent a couple of days exploring the city,shopping and visiting the Beatles exhibits. Sadly, only a week before I'm back at work and have less time to spend sewing! I do, however, have two sloths in the works!

Poor Bert here was made a little while ago, and has been hanging around in my cupboards at home because I didn't want to relist him...

I made him to try and push my sloth design on a little as the pattern for my sloths is actually pretty simple (most of the detail comes in the face and claws and any back detailing that's added in) whereas Bert here has a tail, ultra suede paw pads and down-turned paws like a real sloth. His tail even rotates so he looks natural hanging or sitting, and his arms are designed so there's no seam at all on the facing sides, so his fur falls more naturally.

Moving from his design, Bert has a sweet hand needlefelted face with expressive golden eyes which were also hand tinted and lidded with suede. His face began as a blank creamy canvas and was shaded to emphasise his expression.

I would love to find him a home before he is doomed to that uncertain fate of the Lugly Makeover Studio... No sloth should have to experience the pain!

He was originally for sale at around £260 ($420) but as a Christmassy treat (and to help him avoid a horrible fate!) I would love to find him a home as he is at £180 ($290). There's loads of photos of him on Flickr here and at my website. If you think Bert may be the sloth for you, please contact me at, or via Facebook.

Here's to a great New Year!

Chloe and the Lugly's xxxx

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