Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Christmas Update

 Hello everyone!

Well, I'm finally on holiday, hurrah! It's been a long and busy term: I am exhausted but enjoying teaching a lot so it's worth it :) The only upset is that I've had no time to sew at all, even though I've had lots of commission inquiries... I'm going to try and make up for that this holiday.  I've also decided to join the textiles club at my school so I can work on my beasties for at least one hour a week: better than nothing!

I hope you like the photo of Leo with my first Christmas tree: I have four big sized Lugly's scattered around my flat, but it's only just occured to me to take a photo of one?

I thought I'd publish a picture of Seymour and his lovely Bear Artistry award: easily the best one I've recieved, despite the fact that it says 'Seymoura' on the crystal: oops! I definitely have to work on a few faces this year as I really enjoy entering a local competition that doesn't cost a fortune and that actually gives feedback too, unlike some of the big international ones (sometimes entering them feels a bit like chucking money on a fire: you've no idea what's not good enough about your entry!).

Anyhoo, have a fab Christmas, sorry for the lack of updates but hopefully I can make up for it and have a couple of sloths available in the New Year :)

Chleo and the Lugly's xxx

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