Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Amouretto the 2013 Sloth of Love!

 Phew, finally got some glamour shots of my first sloth of 2013, now named Amouretto!

I wanted a name that was linked to almonds (like his lovely creamy brown tipped fur) and love as he's ready just in time for Valentines Day and my usual 'Sloth of Love' release time, and I'm afraid Amouretto won't become unstuck from my head despite the fact that I was given a few more sensible options! I found my camera's SD card firmly wedged under my sofa cushions (hanging out with a lovely collection of hair pins, red marking pens and crumbs) and managed to get it working (phew!) so I have some nice pics to show off today.

As you can see, he's a smiley little guy. I shaded his face and eyes to match his lovely curly Schulte fur: an off cut from a much bigger sloth that just managed to fit all the pattern pieces! It's so dense that his seams are virtually invisible which adds to his realism and also helps around his claws. The claws themselves are old-style claws made from a transparent clay: I wanted to give this clay another go, despite it being slightly weaker than epoxy, because it does have a more natural look and feel to it. To balance the costs of the clay I've removed my usual package of steel shot from him so he's very light and should cause no problems when hanging from his claws.

He does have armature in all four limbs and a double jointed neck that gives a nice range of movement: he has some particularly quizzical poses! As always, he has a secret rose quartz heart sewn securely into his chest which you can just feel through his chest: rose quartz is meant to absorb and reflect love.

At 10" tall (depending on neck position), Amouretto is a great buddy for teddies and dolls and is currently chillaxing on my book case waiting for his new home to appear. If you would like to adopt him please contact me at je-suis-lugly @hotmail.com (just take out the space). His adoption fee is £165 and I will happily send him free Special Delivery in the UK and pay the recorded costs myself for abroad if he is bought before St Valentines Day is over.

Here's hoping he finds his home soon!

Chloe and the Lugly's xxx

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