Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Somber needs a new home!

Hi all :)

To celebrate the arrival of Jack I have decided to part with another much loved Sloth from my gang. Somber was also at Hugglets with me, but he didn't find his new home there despite being much admired. I love his Eeyore-like face, so I had no problem keeping him around for a while, but now it is time for him to move on (I'm back at home after finishing University and my Mum says I have too many and I'm not meant to be keeping them in her house! :P)

His auction is here and it ends on Sunday at 8pm GMT. As always I have set the reserve at just under the average price attained for these smaller guys: his is set at about £100 I think. Please go and say Hi to him! We need him to cheer up!

Thanks a lot,

Chloe and the Luglys xxx

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