Monday, 7 March 2011

Somber found a new home :)

Thanks everyone for your interest in Somber: I think he had one of those awkward auctions where everyone plans to bid at the last second and everyone misses it! Thankfully a lovely lady who first met him at Hugglets contacted me as soon as his auction ended without that reserve being met, and made an offer for him, so I am happy to announce that he is going to a new home here in England.

In other news, I ordered some of my favourite mohair dyes from America this weekend, I can't wait for them to arrive :D I got lots of lovely browns and oranges for my next hare and for future squirrels. I really want to have one finished in time for Mad March Hare month but of course I have to wait until the dye arrives now (I have a piece of Alpaca with 'Dye Me' written all over it...). I am also starting to work on a baby hare pattern which I think will be closer to the proportions of the beatrix Potter rabbits: shorter legs and arms, tubby belly and all. Hopefully I will also have Jack's outfit finished soon and will be able to show off his outfit!

Thanks for reading,

Chloe and the Luglys x


  1. I love him, and am so glad he is finally mine after my computer froze at the very second I bid!

  2. Hurrah Felicity, sounds like he's having a great time with you already :D