Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Mo-hare project!


Although I've had a blog for quick Je Suis Lugly updates before, I've always run it from my website. Sadly, my website disappeared a few weeks ago and they're not being particularly helpful about getting it back online, so who knows when it will be back up and running...

Anyway, a few days ago I emailed Teddy Bear Review magazine about an editorial on design processes: basically how you end up with a finised product from the idea you atarted with. I don't have much for the sloths as I was very lucky when designing them: their pattern worked pretty much from the word go! Subsequent creatures have been trickier, and as I was halfway through my latest idea, I thought I'd contact them and ask about taking part.

Turns out, the deadline is the 24th of February...

I'm going to attempt to blog a little of the process every few days to keep myself on target and to encourage critiques and comments from other people, as this would usually take me a good few months so I will need all the help I can get!

The basic idea is an anthropomorphic hare, a bit like a Brian Jacques Long Patrol member if you're familiar with his books. I've almost finished the head, I have paper patterns for the body and legs, so in theory it's possible he'll be finished in time, but in practise... fingers crossed! I'm already talking to metal workers about getting some custom medals cast for my first series of 'Mohares' (lol!) and I really hope that this project is going to kick me back into bear making action... all in 18 days!

More on this later, but for now, welcome to the hectic new blog!

Chloe and the Luglys xx


  1. Hey I have been looking at your facebook, and think your ideas are so unique, are any of the sloths avaliable for purchase?

    kind regards Becky

  2. Hi Becky,

    Blush's sale ends in ten minutes! He's here:

    I will be adding more to ebay over the next few months :)