Tuesday, 8 February 2011

He makes me Blush...

Hiya everyone :)

I can start with some good news: Blush has found a new home at last, hurrah! He'll soon be on his way back to America, meaning that he is returning to his 'birth country' in a way: lets hope he makes his new owner very happy.

In a way Blush's auction is a great thing for me, as it signifies that my lack of advertising, new creature creating and ebaying has not affected the appeal of my weird creatures too much... I was worried that my time away from Ebay during this "recession" would have affected their sales, but when you take into account the change in the dollar to pound conversion rate, Blush's final price was pretty close to that of my first ever auctioned sloth! That sloth was Liebe, also a pink and white guy. Maybe it's the luck of the pink??

In other news, my website is still down, they still don't know why, and I am still totally BORED of trying to get them to sort it out, so if anyone knows of another reliable website company I'd really appreciate it... Webs.com don't seem that bothered, even though I am a premium account holder with them too... for now, I hope this blog will do?

On the Mohare project, I have the paper draft of a leg pattern to add to my progress pile, hopefully I can sew up a mock up of it soon to show you all.

Thanks for watching!

Chloe and the Lugly's xxx

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