Monday, 12 March 2012

Tea Party Preview

I'm a bit late updating, sorry! Apologies if you're following me on Facebook or my mailing list as you're probably already heard what happened.

Ok, so my elephant's not allowed to be my preview as it turns out: I mis-interpreted the rule 'your preview bear photo must be x pixels wide' as 'your preview (animal) photo MUST BE X PIXELS WIDE' rather than 'your preview BEAR photo must be x pixels wide'... there was also a rabbit preview last time so I'd thought I was ok: sorry to disappoint you all but you have to wait a few more weeks to meet Darjeeling the elephant! In the meantime, Wedgwood the bear has stepped up to become my emergency preview item: sadly this means he will be less elaborately costumed than I had intended but at least I have a bear up there :)

Anyhoo, please vote for him! You can vote by clicking the banner on the right: there's loads of lovely teddies to look at there too! I am now hard at work trying to finishe the other bears and animals who will be in the show before the deadline and hope to have more news for you soon... The show opens on the 23rd and I really hope you'll drop by to see my collection :)

Thanks in advance for your votes!

Chloe and the Lugly's xx


  1. He is beautiful. What a stunning color. I love how he stands.

    1. Thanks Joanne! Yes his legs swing inwards when he stands because of his fat belly :P The colour is hand dyed so I'm glad you like it!