Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Lugly Anniversary!

Who'd have thought it?

Today is Je Suis Lugly's Fifth Anniversary!

Five years ago I decided to make my mum a Mothers Day teddy bear and bought my first kit from Bear Basics. Tedward was that first bear (the blond one on the left): I'm sure you'll agree that my style has changed a lot since he was made! Bitten by the bug it wasn't long before I was making bears as a hobby in my spare time, and only three months before I was working on my first and figurehead sloth 'Poke' . I thought I would take the opportunity to show you some of my bears through time, starting with Tedward at the top and working my way down through the years to Wedgwood, my Teddies Worldwide Show preview bear.

What I would like to do is to run a little competition with a nice freebie for a lucky mailing list person: unfortunately that will have to wait a few weeks until the show is over! I gave up on my all-nighter last night at about 1am as I thought any bear I made at that time would probably be a bit scary! Anyone on my mailing list will be eligible to win whether they're new to join or one of my established people.

In addition I have recovered some of my old unfinished projects from home this week and plan to have a revival: there's a really cute giraffe that I got fed up with because his limbs were hard to turn but I know that my left over locline will make him super poseable! I think I'm in a 'Zoo' animal mood right now, but I definitely want to work on a few sloths too, epsecially as I'm not sure my mad hatter sloth will be finished in time for the show...

I'm sorry I still can't reveal my SUPER EXCITING NEWS: I was hoping I'd be able to confirm it with you all by today but I've forgotten to sort it out XD Big announcement coming soon though, probably!

Anyway, thanks for the love over the years, can't believe it's been so long! Don't forget that the Teddies Worldwide Tea Party opens in less than a week: I hope you'll go see my creatures there!

Back to the sewing board...

Chloe and the Lugly's xxx


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