Saturday, 14 September 2013

Post Hugglets Shop News!

Hi All!

Well, it's hard to believe that this time last week I was already in London, praying that my bag of lugly's had made it through the journey ok and thinking ahead to my first show since 2010...

Hugglets was a great day for me as I was very nervous about dipping my toe back into show land after a couple of years of limited time for sewing and design work.  I met loads of lovely new people including the lady and gent from Heirloom Bears who were on the stall next to me.  There was a lot of interest in my new rabbit and squirrel which was very satisfying as this was the first time they'd been seen in full (as I still don't have decent photos of them!). 

Anyway, the reason I'm updating is that I've just opened a shop on my website: finally!  I figure now I'm teaching full time I should be making the effort to have creatures listed on my site at all times, as I won't always be able to post direct to Facebook or mailing list... I hope you'll have a look: the shop is here but you can also find it by clicking the new 'Gallery + Shop' tab to the left on my website.  I will be adding more faces as soon as I've photographed them, and will be refunding any excess shipping costs until I've worked out how to set them fairly on the site: I think they're pretty good right now.

Unfortunately I didn't have much success with operation 'try and use Paypal via phone' at the show, in fact I think the technical issues may have cost Bruce a new home... if anyone has any ideas or experience with card readers I'd love to hear from you?

Thanks a lot,

Chleo and the Lugly's xx

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