Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cassie: a Commission

Cassie by Je Suis Lugly!
Cassie, a photo by Je Suis Lugly! on Flickr.

I really like accepting commission work when I can as it means I'm definitely fulfilling a dream when everything works out. Cassie is a bear recently commissioned by a friend and collector names Felicity, who already has a sad little sloth of mine in her collection. We first met at my very first Hugglets and have been in touch pretty much since then.

For Cassie I was asked to make a purple bear similar to my recent collection for the Teddies Worldwide show. The colour was quite specific and hard to achieve on alpaca as alpaca is slightly shiny so it doesn't look as dark as it is (does that make sense?) It took two or three goes in the dye bath with a mix of blue and purple dyes, but I think (hope!) we got there in the end.

Cassie also has sweet black glass eyes, a hand stitched and waxed nose, purple felt paw pads and hand stitched claw marks. Wish her luck for her journey to her new home!

Chloe and the Lugly's xx

PS I haven't forgotten about the giveaway: more news on Sunday I think!


  1. Sooo looking forward to meeting Cassie on Saturday! :)

    1. I know she's there now, thanks for the lovely photos! I hope she's just what you wanted :)

  2. She is beautiful. I love this color. You are right, alpaca is difficult to dye, getting the shade right must have been a difficult task.

    1. Thanks Joanne! Yes it was tough, it took multiple goes and each time I thought I'd gone too dark. Then it dried and voila! Back to a pale lilac colour :P Alpaca is way too shiny!