Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A few of my favourite things...

Guess who just got a big delivery of new furs?!

Aahh, it makes me so happy! I had a great day today at school (I was told I have 'it' when it comes to teaching, yey!) and then I came home to find two big boxes waiting for me. I'm now the proud owner of:

1 yd. white + 1/4 yd. blonde and ginger kid mohair like Bombardier's fur (this stuff is AMAZING: a really soft kid mohair).

1 yd. white scruffy mohair (I think I will save it for hares maybe?)

1/2 yd. short white alpaca like Gem's fur.

A lot of white, right? That's because I'm planning on borrowing a series of big pans and dying the heck out of this order :D I am thinking pink, duck egg blue, beige and lavender for the little bears, and maybe blue for a big Bombardier bear? The blonde and ginger kid mohairs will become little Bombs I think... sooo excited! I have a half term break in a few weeks and will be sewing like a maniac then.

I also managed to get my copy of Teddy Bear Times this week: it features the British Bear Artist Award winners and so has two of my creations in it. It also has some really nice shop features and some good artist profiles too so I'm glad to have it to relax to this week as school is hectic right now.

Still no idea what I'm doing for the tea party theme for my main bear: I know what I can do for the little ones but ideally I want the preview bear to be like Bombardier? I'm finding it hard to think of manly tea party ideas, other than Alice in Wonderland which I expect will be done to death... any ideas?

Anyhoo, back to lesson planning! (Not one of my favourite things...)

Chloe and the Luglys xxx


  1. Fabulous Chloe!!! Nothing like a new box of fur for inspiration!!! Congratulations on the awards and the magazine exposure!!!

    1. Thanks Tami! You're so right about the furs: I just snagged some of the same fur that I used for Bombardier too so I now have four different cuts of that fabric :P Thanks for the congratulations!