Sunday, 4 December 2011

Moreno: my last sloth of this year!

Hello everyone, please meet Moreno!

Moreno is looking for a new home. I know I'm a bit late for Chrismas but I'm going to make him a red and white hat and he can hang out with my flat mates and I until he finds his special someone :P He's 14" tall, with a double neck joint, poseable limb armature, epoxy claws that mean he can LITERALLY hang out and his own rose quartz heart sewn into his chest. There's more photos on my Flickr if you'd like to see them: I will try and get some outdoor pics later this week.

Sadly my University room has a limited capacity for good photography, hence the fetching quilt background... Maybe Father Christmas can bring me some new daylight bulbs and a big light tent this year :P

Moreno's adoption fee is £170. Please contact me for delivery costs to your country: I only charge actual fees and will post as soon as possible so he can get to you before Christmas!

Chloe and the Luglys x


  1. I love your sloths. They always look alive to me. They are so sweet faced. They always look like they would love to sit and be cuddled.

    I really like Moreno's dark fur, and the shading on his face, he is really handsome.

  2. Thanks Joanne, it means a lot to me that you think my sloths look alive, especially when I think of your amazing bears! They are cuddly, but you have to watch out for their claws :P (especially if you have curly hair!)

    I dyed his fur myself: it went lots of shades of brown but I liked it so I didn't worry about shading it in... I did do a lot more facial shading on him than usual.

    Thanks again!

    Chloe x