Friday, 8 July 2011

Magazine Features for the Summer :)

Hi everyone! I was wondering why I had a few extra people joining my mailing list this summer... I've worked it out: I'm in two magazines this month!

The first photo is a 'Creature Feature' from Teddy Bear Times Magazine which is in the UK :)

Magazine: Teddy Bear Review

The second photo is from Teddy Bear Review, and it's an article about the design process. I'm currently working on a second hare from the same ideas book, so it's nice to see Jack's face in one magazine, let alone two!

I hope I get more lovely surprises like this in the future too :)


  1. Hi!!
    Lovely to be on the same page as you :)
    Love your creatures!!!!
    Big Hugs Lindaxx

  2. Hiya Linda! Thanks for the compliment: it was a surprise to see the feature at all, let alone to be on a page wityh such great artists :D Chloe xxx